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Registered Student Organizations, University Departments and/or sponsored organizations and individuals using the names, Trademarks, Service marks, logos, seals and/or other symbols (marks) of the University in any commercial venture, whether fund-raising or promotional are required to seek prior approval from the University of Massachusetts Trademark Administration and Licensing Office. 


Products or services bearing the University's marks, in conjunction with the names or logos of a Registered Student Organizations, University Department and/or University sponsored organizations that are to be given away or sold at cost exclusively to the organization's members, may be eligible for a royalty fee waiver or exemption.  Prior to the initiation of any commercial or non-commercial project using the University's marks, this form must be completed and signed.


 Click here for the form.

*****Due to the recent change in the logo color we will need additional time in the order process.*****

Welcome to the Isenberg School of Management - UMass Amherst online store, your home for quality merchandise branded with the Isenberg School of Management logo. This online store is for the exclusive use of Isenberg faculty, staff and student clubs to order merchandise for gifts, school promotion and/or for fundraising efforts.


For UMass Online store questions contact Sue Maki, 413.732.0405 or Youssef Fadel, 413.237.4907 or email isenberg@nepm.com  


This site offers one-stop shopping for a variety of merchandise that adheres to Isenberg brand guidelines and maintains a high quality to best represent our school. If customization is offered for a particular item it will be clearly specified, i.e. the ability to add your organization or department's name to apparel, for example.

Please note that if any customization is needed, your design will need to be reviewed and approved by the Marketing & Communications team.

All ordering can be made online for available items. If you are the first department/group to order a particular item, there may be an initial set up charge and a sample will need to be approved by Marketing & Communications before going into production.

More details below on "first time orders". For all purchase orders/tracking please contact Youssef Fadel at yfadel@nepm.com or Sue Maki at sue.maki@nepm.com


1. Access the 2013 Online Catalog to look for approved items.

2. This is system is set up to accept procard or purchase orders (PO). Purchase orders are preferred. If you're unsure on how to proceed, contact Youssef Fadel or Sue Maki.

3. Please expect an email within a few business days from the Department. The email will ask for your intended use of the product and Marketing & Communications will be copied on this email. Please respond promptly to expedite the ordering process.

4. Upon your response and Isenberg's Marketing & Communications Team approval, NEPM will send an email or paper virtual proof quality sample to be approved by Marketing & Communications and yourself.

5. You must contact NEPM to confirm your approval. Now a strike-off aka sample of branded Isenberg product may be ordered. Strike-offs must also be sent to the attention of Isenberg Marketing & Communications for approval.

6. After the Isenberg Marketing & Communication Team's approval you must contact NEPM to confirm the strike-off approval.

7. Youssef and Sue will proceed with the production process.


1. Contact New England Promotional Marketing.

2. Specify the item from the merchandise catalog.

3. After Isenberg's Marketing & Communications Team approval you will receive a confirmation email from Youssef.

4. Youssef will contact you regarding payment procedures.

Please note that occasionally a "strike-off" aka a paper, email or actual product proof will need to be ordered to ensure quality or to check any customization. This may add a small fee and additional time to your order.


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